e-Tourist Visa India

What is Tourist Visa India

India is known for its beauty and diversity. Thus, India has become a favorite tourist destination to many. There are multiple types of visas available for travelers who are longing to visit India. As the government of India offers different visas targeting a different group of tourists, therefore it is necessary to be clear about the concept behind every form of tourist Visa to India. Let’s discuss the most common queries which Indian tourist usually have.

Why Indian Visa is Required?

The users worldwide require an Indian visa to visit the country. There could be different reasons for visiting India, and requirement of the visa depends upon the purpose. If you are planning to visit India for recreation, sightseeing or casual visit, you need an Indian tourist visa. But Nepal and Bhutan tourists, are free to visit India without a visa.

What Sort of Visa is Required to Visit India?

Introduction of e-Tourist Visa India:

An Indian tourist visa is an entry pass for foreign nationals, who intend to travel India for sightseeing, recreational activities, and a casual meeting with friends and relatives. It is one category of e-Visa India, which you can opt for traveling the whole country, India.

This electronic form of visa has been introduced to boost Indian tourism, hence it costs less time than the normal visa. The ease of getting a visa without physically visiting the embassy is cherry on the cake.

As a matter of fact, e-visa holds nearly equal value than that of normal visa, and applying for it, is a much easier process. This is perfect for foreign residents who are willing to visit India for a short span of time.

Who Are Eligible to Get e-Tourist Visa India?

  • People from 161 countries are only eligible for India travel visa. See the list of Eligible countries for e-Tourist visa India
  • Travelers are restricted to perform the following activities only
    • Sightseeing
    • Recreation activity
    • A casual meeting with friends and
    • Foreign travelers must have a return ticket along with the onward journey
    • Before you apply for an India ETV, you make sure you have a separate passport because if you are endorsed on the passport of parent and spouse, you aren't supposed to get entry visa Indian.
    • The applicant must not belong to the category of person-not-grata.
    • The traveler must be able to bear with the expenses of the trip and has sufficient funds for the recreation.

Details to be Mentioned While Applying for Indian Tourist Visa:

You need to submit a scanned passport which is valid for 6 months at least. The passport will be accepted in the PDF or JPEG format but make sure it is properly scanned.

  • You require uploading a new photograph (taken within 6 months). The photo must be colorful and clear.
  • Uploaded photo must be in JPEG or PDF format but it can be of any size.
  • You must upload a front view of the photo with complete face and open eyes.

What Is The e-Tourist Visa India Processing Time?

Have you applied for normal e-Visa? Then you most probably receive it within 4 to 7 days (Business days)


Note: We also provide urgent India travel visa for India to the foreign nationals who instantly want the visa service. Your urgent tourist visa will be processed within 24-72 hours. While applying for an urgent visa, you have to complete the same application form with all your necessary details and documents. You just need to select urgent processing an application type from the dropdown.

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